Rayner Music Ensembles

The lack of a local flute choir outside of school led to Flute Salad’s first informal gathering in January 2006. Wanting to play for fun, the five founder members approached Louise who invited them round to her house where they laughed their way through the Jayson Mackie’s “2nd Jazz Suite” and other (now) favourites.

In May 2006, Flute Salad appeared in public for the first time, winning the Aldershot and Farnborough Music Festival Ensemble for 18yrs and under, to the thunderous applause from their assembled parents!

Click below to listen to me being interviewed about the flute groups by Chris Evans on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show...

Since then the flute groups have been joined by my other ensembles including saxophone, clarinet and choir. Look around the website to find out more.


Flute Salad

Flute Salad meet at Yateley Manor School at 11.00am on Saturdays during term time. They also regularly play at local events and also spend time in the recording studio.

"Small World"

"Tritsch Tratsch Polka"

Flute Salad celebrated their 10th birthday in 2016 with a fabulous party at Oakley Hall Hotel in Basingstoke. Past and present members joined in playing some old favourite pieces and tucked into a superb afternoon tea, provided by the hotel. Family and friends all came along to join in the fun! Here's to the next 10 years!!!!


Flute Cocktail

Flute Cocktail is for players of grade 5 and above and provides more challenging repertoire for the experienced flautist. We meet at Yateley Manor School at mid-day on Saturday during term time.

"All That Jazz"

"If I Only" - from the Wizard of Oz


Liquorice Stix

Liquorice Stix. . . . . . the sweet Clarinet Ensemble for allsorts(!)

Any age or level – who feel the need for reed.

Why not share your enthusiasm for the clarinet with us?

We will meet on Saturdays at 10.00am during term time at Yateley Manor School from September 2018.

"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"


Song Circle

Song Circle is a group of experienced singers drawn from leading local and London choirs. Together for over ten years it exists simply because we love singing and performing!

We are happy to contribute to any event, though we particularly enjoy charity or fund raising events.

Check out the Song Circle website for more information.



Smartphones is a saxophone ensemble for beginners to intermediate players of all ages.

Smartphones meet at Yateley Manor School on Saturday mornings at 9.00am during term time.

Check out the Smartphones website for more information.